About Street Treats WA Seattle dessert truck ice cream sandwiches
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About Street Treats

An Interview with Diane of Street Treats

What is your background?

After getting my degree in Marketing from Gonzaga University, I worked at The Gap as a manager for seven years. I learned how to run a small business and the importance of Customer Service. I was voted amongst my peers as best Customer Service Manager. Then, I worked for Macy’s for seven years and learned how to work with 40 stores and just as many vendors. I enjoy working in a fast paced environment. Traveling is another love and has brought me to about 30 countries. And of course my love of Sweets! With my experience, love of travel and my ‘sweet tooth’, Street Treats evolved.

How long have you been doing this?

Nearly three years ago, I began extensive market research on a dessert truck business. In June 2010, I launched Street Treats. We were the first dessert truck in the Seattle area. There were very few food trucks and they ran their business very independently. I wanted to be able to build a food truck community. So, I got everyone together and now we strive to support each other.

Why desserts, ice cream, and a truck no less?

I love sweets, especially if they are fresh! Some of my family members were bakers and many loved to bake. My Grandma had some great recipes, which we use today. When we test new items, I really get into the taste and the tweaking of the recipes before launching. Another great feature is our homemade from scratch, ice cream, made with eggs, milk, cream and sugar only.

The truck augments our catering/delivery business. I thought a mobile truck would be fun and interesting. We bring our fresh treats to different venues, events, and activities. We go to your place and we leave knowing you loved our product. Having traveled extensively, I have seen street food as a way of life in most of the world. Seattle is beginning this concept.

Yes, we know how to throw a Great Party!

We cater weddings, birthday’s, baby showers, corporate events, school functions, auctions, late night snacks and party platter deliveries. We sell our ice cream at the Fremont, Renton and Sammamish farmers markets. We have catered our services to many local businesses, such as: Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Big Fish Games, REI, Intellectual Ventures, Virtuoso, Headsprout, AOL, Corfini Gourmet, WrightRunstad, ArenaNet, Google, Seattle Rep and we can come to yours.

What’s our number one requested item?

Our number one treat at an event is the “Build your own ice cream cookie sandwich”. It is fun, unique and interactive! You can choose between any 4 cookies and 4 ice cream flavors or a sorbet and we assemble your dream ice cream cookie sandwich. All your guests will remember this ice cream cookie sandwich for months!